Panizan Group Companies' Management


Mr. Saeed Najian as the General Manager of Panizan Group Co. is introduced as:

- Graduated in Information System Analysis and Computer Science

- Computer Science Professor at ABAC University of Bangkok

- Active member of the Association of Iranian computer companies

- General Manager of Iran Software Database center

- Organizer of GITEX exhibition in Dubai from the Informatics Council of Iran

- Organizer of Computer Software Exhibition in Iran and holder of tens conferences in the field of Computer software

- General Manager of Panizan Group Companies since 2007

- Certificate of marketing management from industrial management organization of IRAN

- Certificate of exhibition management from Ravensburg University in Germany

- Technical management certificate for travel agencies from Iran heritage organization.

Contact Information

Holding European Specialty Tours
(German Exhibition, Italian Exhibition, French Exhibition)
Specials for Business and Commerce

Unit 11, Building N0 80, Mirdamad Ave, Tehran-Iran

+98 21 22224749

+98 938 3518192 (@paniznparvaz)


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