Whether you want to export or import or start a business in IRAN, you need to have an Iranian partner company which established in Iran because in any case you need a strong link to governmental or NGO organizations.

However you should be aware of all legal Rules for Business with IRAN but still there are lots of Rules which can be verified, by an Expert.

Business with IRAN is very easy especially for European countries because Iranian people trust to European products more than the other countries and also if you intend to import some products from IRAN it would be a good credit for Iranian companies which can export their products to Europe and this is a good opportunity For European companies to get the cheapest price and best offers.

Of course some of the Iranian products are very famous in all of the world like Iranian handmade carpet, Machine made carpet, all types of NUTS saffron, and all types of handicrafts, leather, different types of stone like marble and especially ceramics and many other products.

Outsource services:

If you are a service Provider Company or you need a service that the physical presence of the Employee is not necessary for your company then it is a very good opportunity to get benefits from the talent and cheap labor force Of Iranians.

For example if you need to design and prepare an advertising subjects for your own company or your customers, you can get it with the best quality and cheapest prices because all of these services can be accessed via internet.

Just for an easy and Non-Risky way you can send your requirements for all type of graphic design either for advertising or designing a product and get a free sample of initial work and then take your final decision.


The best and cheapest way to enter the Iranian market is Exhibiting in a trade fair in TEHRAN

(Capital) by this way you can get the best Relations with direct customers and get the best research market.

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