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Panizan Group Co. As an EMC company consists of an international Exhibition and Marketing Service Company, registration number 281402, and a Travel Service Company with official accreditation from "Cultural Heritage Organization", registration number 922/136/21761.

This company was founded in 2007 in IRAN and has worked in the fields of: B2B, International Marketing, Professional Touring of Exhibitions held around the world as a part of international marketing programs.

This company holding so far more than 200 European exhibitions, conferences and educational courses tours and making contract with more than 20 organizations group, is one of the most specialized center in IRAN for the fields above.




Drink tec Exhibition:

Bautec Exhibition:


Sea food Exhibition:

Biofach Exhibition:

Cosmoprof Exhibition:

Aluminium Dusseldurf Exhibition:

China Aluminium Exhibition:

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Holding European Specialty Tours
(German Exhibition, Italian Exhibition, French Exhibition)
Specials for Business and Commerce

Unit 11, Building N0 80, Mirdamad Ave, Tehran-Iran

+98 21 22224749

+98 938 3518192 (@paniznparvaz)


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